M&M store brings more than sweets to downtown Topeka

Photo by: Brian Dulle, Kansas First News

M&M pop up store hours:
Monday – Saturday 11 AM to 6 PM
Sunday 12 PM to 5 PM

The popular M&M’s Store in Downtown Topeka has brought a lot of sweet success and it’s benefiting more than just the pop-up shop itself.

The Mexican Restaurant, “Lupitas” is right across from the store and for almost three weeks it’s been making a lot of money.

Customers are checking out the store then coming across the street to get a bite to eat.

Co-owner of the restaurant says demand has been so high, there have been days “Lupitas” has ran out of food.

“We were actually not prepared to what the M&M store was going to bring to us our evening have just exploded.”

Before the M&M Store opened they served 15 to 20 tables a night, now the rush for chocolate has fed the success of the restaurant.

“Now were doing 45 to 50 tables and that’s all due to the M&M store we see a lot of M&M bags in here and so that m&m store has been a blessing for us.”

Downtown Topeka Inc. says a number of businesses are booming from more people walking by and checking out their stores.

“It’s brought thousands of people downtown many of them that haven’t been downtown for a long time. Given the businesses downtown that are here great exposure. Some of the businesses probably haven’t seen this kind traffic for a long time.”

It’s not known how much in sales the M&M Store has brought in for itself but long lines at the store show it’s a welcome addition to downtown.

“Foot traffic has been just fantastic and we’ve gotten an overwhelming response from the people of Topeka but can definitely tell you that the amount of sales has far exceeded our expectations.”

As for Lupitas keeping up with demand has been a challenge.

“We’ve ran out of food a couple of times this past saturday was so crazy busy from the M&M store we usually close at three but we closed at one because we were just done.”

It shows how one chocolate store has sweetened downtown business on Kansas Avenue.

The final day for the M&M Store was this last Sunday, April 13, 2014.

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