Volunteers build a playground for the Adam’s Club

Volunteers have been hard at work Saturday to build a one of a kind playground for the Boys and Girls Club of Topeka.

The playground at the Adam’s Club, is a natural play space, made of recycled structures. The design will teach kids about plant life, the importance of recycling and creativity. The uniqueness of the playground is to give children a play space they can use and learn from.

“We really wanted to offer these kids an area where they could get outside and not just play, but to have fun in the great outdoors and actually learn something while they’re out here. Because we do believe pretty strongly that if you give a kid a place to have fun in that they’re going to want to learn out there as well,” said Ben Postlethwait the Westar Energy Green Team Coordinator.

Westar Energy, Topeka Landscape and Home Depot, all donated to help build this playground. About 30 volunteers pitched in to help build the creative space..

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