Key to reading food labels

The key to a healthy diet is the food you eat and it all comes down to what’s in the food.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us the importance of understanding what you’re reading on a nutrition label.

Kate Warner says now that she understands what’s on the labels she’s made changes to her food choices.

“You should be aware, that is, that’s huge, it i mean, eating things that we don’t know is, is kind of scary,” Warner said.

Irving Cohen is a preventative medicine doctor in Topeka.

“Most people believe that food labels are highly accurate,” Cohen said.

He says paying attention to the serving size can make a big difference of how much food a person consumes.

“They’re saying they have so many servings in that particular can or that particular package when most people buy that as a single serving,” Cohen said.

That’s one change the Food and Drug Administration wants to make.

The FDA has proposed a change to the 20 year old food labels, they’re saying it’s to make the nutrition facts more readable to everyone.

This is what it currently looks like and this is what the FDA wants to change it to.

Two noticeable changes will be the addition of added sugars and serving sizes will more realistically reflect what most Americans eat.

Dr. Cohen says people should read the ingredients section carefully.

“But once people realize that they can get accustomed to buying things with a shorter list on the labels, with ingredients they understand and the safe bet is if you don’t understand what something means avoid it,” Cohen said.

Warner agrees and says it’s been an eye opening change towards her eating habits.

“Definitely know what the ingredients are, I mean it is your body and one should be aware of what they’re potting in their bodies,” Warner said.

Next time you go to the grocery store make sure you read the calories and know what’s in your food.

The public is encouraged to submit comments on the change of the labels to the FDA website before June 2nd.

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