Geary County man dies in tractor accident

The Geary County Sheriff’s Office received a call Saturday night around 9:30 on a report of a person injured in a tractor accident.

The victim was 77 year old Larry Bliss, who lived in rural Geary County. Bliss was on his property cutting wood, when he did not return to his house. Bliss’s wife became worried and called their son to come look for him.

According to the Geary County Sheriff’s Office, Bliss was using the tractor with a trailer, he got the trailer loaded and appeared to be headed back to his house where he crossed a ravine. It appears that the trailer forced the tractor into a sideway skid while driving down the hillside and caused the tractor to roll over one time pinning Bliss under the tractor where he was found.

The Geary County Sheriff’s Department along with Junction City Fire and EMS responded to the location, Bliss was pronounced dead at the scene.

An autopsy has been scheduled to either confirm or rule out a possible heart attack as a contributing factor to this unfortunate accident.


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