KSU students get tips on how to be prepared for disaster

Students at Kansas State University learned that social media can keep them informed during a disaster.

Katie Watkins is a Jr. at Kansas State University and she is like anyone who is apart of social media. She tweets at friends and looks at photos on Facebook. On Tuesday, students like her learned that social media is used for more than that.

Ten groups were at K-State talking to students, including the American Red Cross, Riley County Police Department and the Federal Emergency Management Agency known as FEMA.

FEMA Regional Liaison, Mark Kitchens says it is crucial.

“Social media is very important in a disaster situation just because it’s a way for you to contact other people let them know where you’re at what you’re up to as well as receive information.”

Experts like FEMA External Affair Specialist, Amanda Bicknell say the use of social media during natural disasters like tornadoes and earthquakes is changing.

“We’ve recognized that in the last few years social media has grown exponentially and is being used more and more for emergency management. Here in region seven..we use twitter a lot to provide information.”

Watkins says she believes more people should jump on the bandwagon.

“I Think it just goes along with being aware, I think it’s great that K-state is trying to make its students more safe.”

Experts say it is a way to be both connected and prepared for anything that might happen.

CLICK HERE for more info on how to become more involved with social media preparation when it comes to natural disasters.

FEMA experts say, #preplist is a twitter emergency list that people can look at before an emergency situation.  So they can see tweets from trusted emergency officials only.


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