‘State of the Community’ event shows Topeka is looking up

On Wednesday, Topeka leaders proved that a bright future is ahead for those who live in the capital city and their families.

The fourth annual “State of the Community” event was held at the Maner Conference Center.

Officials from Topeka and Shawnee County met to present the many successful improvements the city has undergone. Some examples they gave are hundreds of new jobs, the lowest crime rate in nearly a decade and improved health care because of partnerships and economic growth.

Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast says the Topeka glass is half full.

“The economy is strong, the new plans with Mars, renewed airlines service,” says Wolgast. “So of all the different things in the community you can just see what all is happening. There are, it’s just like momentum is building.”


  • Redevelopment of Kansas Avenue in downtown Topeka.
  • Business and economic growth in the city. (NOTO, Kansas Ave., etc.)
  • Success of public and private partnerships.
  • Progress to Topeka streets, more than 11,200 potholes were filled by city workers in 2013.
  • Topeka Arts businesses have generated 480 full-time jobs.
  • Crime  19% lower in 2013. Lowest in nearly a decade.
  • Topeka Zoo is regaining status as a top attraction in the city. (attendance grown 76%)
  • Mars Plant response and bringing more jobs.
  • Washburn Tech enrollment increase 26% last fall.
  • Health care improvements: Stormont Vail new Mayo Clinic partnership.


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