Candy bar sale scam at Topeka Walmart stores

The Boys and Girl Club of Topeka says some people are selling candy bars at the entrance of Wal-Mart Stores in Topeka – but it’s a scam.

The organization’s Chief Professional Officer, Dawn McWilliams, says those people are saying proceeds from the candy bar sale are for The Boys & Girls Club.

Williams says this is not a fundraiser for The Boys & Girls Club in Topeka or any other Boys & Girls Club in the State of Kansas.

The group says those people  are in no way associated with The Boys & Girls Club nor are they acting on behalf of The Boys & Girls Club.

“We are very proud of the community support that is provided to The Boys & Girls Club and this is a very unfortunate situation of others taking advantage of the kindness that citizens of our community extend,” Williams said.

Anyone who sees people selling candy bars at these locations, should notify Wal-Mart management.

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