Sebelius, possible run for US Senate

A former Kansas Governor could soon represent the state once again.

Former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius may be planning a run for the U.S. Senate.

A New York Times report speculates that Sebelius may return to Kansas to run against Senator Pat Roberts. Kansas has not sent a democrat to the senate since the great depression.

If she did run, she would face current Shawnee County District Attorney Chad Taylor in the primary. Taylor says if she does run it won’t change his campaign.

“We’re going to talk about renewing the ability of Kansans to experience in life what our parents and our grandparents did with the economic vitality of this region, and that’s really the conversation that we’re looking forward to having with the Kansas people and we’re going to have that regardless of who’s in the race.”

Before any democratic candidate could face incumbent Pat Roberts, he has to win the Republican Primary. Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Milton Wolfe spoke to students at Washburn University Wednesday night. Wolfe says Sebelius handling of the Affordable Care Act would be front and center.

“Kathleen Sebelius has been the most disastrous HHS secretary in our nation’s history but that doesn’t surprise any of us who live in Kansas because she was a disaster here and that was okay with Pat Roberts. He put her in charge of Obamacare, you know its interesting if she decides to run for Senate, you’d have an incredible match up. They call me the arch nemesis of Obamacare and she is the queen of Obamacare, I would put Obamacare itself on trial.”

U.S. Senator Jerry Moran says he doubts Sebelius would run. The Republican also points to the controversy surrounding Obamacare. He says it would hurt her campaign for the senate seat.

“I have little doubt that that’s not the likely outcome, the affordable care act has been terribly unpopular particularly in Kansas and I just doubt that this is the next step for Secretary Sebelius to become Senator Sebelius.”

Moran claims the current polling results he’s seen show Senator Pat Roberts with a significant lead if Sebelius takes him on.

Senator Roberts has not said anything.

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