Manhattan economy feeding neighboring counties

People in Pottawatomie county are reaping the benefits of Manhattan’s booming economy. The spike in business and population is helping neighboring counties grow.

Pottawatomie County’s Appraiser Louis Schlegel says, it’s been a big change.

“Back in 1998 we had 20 million dollars worth of new construction, now we have almost 49 million dollars in new construction in one years time.”

If you go East of Manhattan on Highway 24 between the “Little Apple” and Wamego you’ll see these homes, both new and nearly finished.

There’s been so much growth, that homes in some areas of Pottawatomie county have more than doubled.

Since 1998, the average sale price of homes has sky rocketed to more than 139% . For example, turning the value of a home that was worth $80,000 in 1998 to about $193,000 now.

Schlegel says all the credit goes to Manhattan and its bright future.

“It has been enhanced by the commercial growth and one of the big factors would be the National Bio Defense Facility that will be located in Manhattan. their increase in construction of that facility is bringing the population to Pottawatomie county.”

Schlegel estimates the growth will continue, hopefully filling in the gap between Wamego and Manhattan.

*Average Residential Sale Price Pottawatomie County:

1998 – $80,467

2001 – $89,131

2004 – $ 116,631

2008 – $ 165,833

2012 – $ 181,926

1013 – $ 192,640

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