‘Go Green’ event gives kids lessons on recycling

TOPEKA, Kan. – Kids of all ages took a stroll through the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library today to learn more about recycling and going green.

Eleven-year-old Gavin Brownlee was one of those kids.

“I have a recycle bin. Whenever I see a plastic bottle that blew into our farm or something like that, I pick it up and put it in the trash can. That’s just what they should know and learn,” Gavin said.

Kids studied rocks, learned to grow their own plants, and did some eco-friendly arts and crafts.

The goal is to teach kids recycling skills and help them learn more about the environment.

Event and library supervisor Scarlett Fisher Herreman says kids need to expand their horizon.

“It’s been a long winter looking at our screens because we haven’t been able to go outside. This is a great kick-off to spring. This is a time to engage with the earth, engage with being outside, engage with animals, or learn about how things grow.”

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, nearly 251 million tons of waste was generated in 2002.

Herreman says teaching these skills to younger generations is crucial for our future.

“I just hope that people take what they learned and can take it home with them and maybe they don’t even apply everything but they try one thing or two things or they make choices with family to recycle more,” said Herreman.

Brownlee says it’s up to them to carry on these skills for the future.

“Those things are important to use, not just now, but later in life.”

CLICK HERE for more ways you can “go green.”

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