Patriotic Retired Dutch Chef

A retired dutch chef says he’s couldn’t be happier in the United States as he just marked his 50th year as a citizen.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas joins us live in the studio to tell us about the accomplishments he’s made since he’s been here.

Ron Klerk De Reus says the beauty of our land fascinated him but it was something else that motivated him to do bigger and better things.

“I stepped ashore in Weehawken, in New York and that’s when I felt that I really was an American,” De Reus said.

Ron Klerk De Reus grew up in the Netherlands when it was occupied by German forces during World War II.

He came to live in the United States in 1958 and became a citizen in 1964.

He says the possibilities of what the American Dream is motivated him to succeed.

“And all the freedom that you see all around you, and the friendliness of all the people, it’s amazing,” De Reus said.

The dream is based on the idea that anyone in the states has the opportunity to prosper.

The 81 year old says he knew what he had to do to get ahead.

“Work hard just to prove yourself, you work and you work and you work and then you go from place and you transfer to another from the same company and you get a little promotion and little bit more money,” De Reus.

De Reus use to prepare banquets for world leaders and celebrities before opening his own place.

In 1980 he opened and ran the Dutch Treat restaurant in Iowa until he retired in 2002.

“After so many years you think, I’m not going to work for corporate people any more, I’m going to do what I like to do and that’s what America is all about,” De Reus said.

Former president Nixon, late night talk show host Johnny Carson and golfer Arnold Palmer are just a few names of people he’s prepared banquets for.

One of De Reus favorite dishes to make was the Indonesian Pork Satay.

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