Berryton Elementary’s New Therapy Dog

Dog Dynasty is the newest hit at Shawnee Height’s Berryton Elementary.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us how the school’s caring canine is stealing the show by helping kids.

Dynasty is a 16 month old yellow lab.

She’s the new therapy dog at Berryton Elementary.

Beth Maloun is her handler she says Dynasty has become a bit of a celebrity with the kids.

“She’s got a great thing going, she loves it,” Maloun said.

The pooch cost $2000, the students held fundraisers and raised $1,500.

The Shawnee Heights Schools Foundation donated the final $500.

Every school morning Dynasty greets all 500 students right here on their way to class.

“They get a chance to practice their social skills, they say good morning, they pet her, they learn how to pet an animal nicely,” Maloun said.

The pup isn’t a distraction for the kids, they only see her in the classroom as a reward.

“The kids earn breaks with her they get to take her out to recess, she loves to play catch and so you know you can get somebody to throw a ball,” Maloun said.

Cares Incorporated trained her to know about 34 different commands.

The school pays for Dynasty’s upkeep but at the end of the day she goes home with Maloun.

The school’s previous therapy dog was named Willow but she retired in May 2013.

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