Changes in courthouse security wanted in Shawnee County

A change in Shawnee County Courthouse security would provide more staff for the sheriff’s office.

Commissioners Monday were hesitant to send out a request for proposals to privatize security.

The idea came from Sheriff Herman Jones when he indicated that the sheriff’s office was short staff and was at risk of losing more deputies, meaning crime rates could rise.

Commissioner Bob Archer says that the ultimate goal is to get more boots on the ground of the sheriff’s office.

Annual maintenance and salaries for courthouse security cost more than 416 thousand dollars every year.

Commissioner Shelly Buhler said that the decision should not be taken lightly.

Commissioners deferred action so there could be more time to study the proposal. They will discuss the matter again on May 5, 2014.


Commissioners also approved a nearly 1.7 million dollar budget to renovate 3420 SW Van Buren as the new site for the Shawnee County Election Office.


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