Mom Admits to Arson


She was initially called a hero, who saved her young son from their burning home.  Now, that Puyallup, Washington mom is accused of setting the fire herself.

Investigators with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department arrested Melinda Sayers on Thursday.

Detectives say Sayers intentionally started a fire at her 107th Avenue Court East home on April 1st.  She and her two-year-old son were the only ones home at the time.

Neighbors remember seeing her pull herself and the young boy through a front window.  Many praised Sayers for her quick action and bravery.

“To me she seemed like in a state of shock,” said neighbor Jessica MacDougall.  “Overwhelmed with the fire and didn’t have much to say and was kinda shocked.  Then once Chris got here, he ran over to his wife and son to make sure they were okay.”

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