Victim of bike theft hit harder than most in Topeka

With a tear in his eye, 54-year-old Ken Mildfeldt has no idea how he’s going to get around town anymore. Suffering from three forms of arthritis, his ability to walk is anything but a simple form of transportation.

“With the lords good help, I’ll make it by. But something like this really screws me up.”

“I like going out to Aldis and do my can shopping, after I leave Aldis I go to the dollar tree that’s on 29th and Kansas, which I’m guessing is at least a good 10 to 12 miles.”

Mildfeldt kept his bike chained up in a spot next to his apartment in Central Topeka. When he woke up Friday morning it was gone. It was found in an ally about 100 yards away from his apartment, a few scraps and the frame was all that was left of the three wheeled bike.

Neighbors say, they saw kids snooping around the day before it was taken.

“I asked them what they were doing and I asked, do you all live over here? They said no. So they rode off and went and knocked on his door to tell him there was a couple of young guys looking at his bike.”

Mildfeldt filed a police report but has heard nothing back. With his limited income and disability his only choice now is to walk, which is a struggle.

With difficulty getting from A to B, Mildfeldt says he’ll use his next check to hopefully get something cheaper.

“I really hope they enjoyed doing it because apparently their parents never taught them respect for other peoples property.”

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