Fort Riley Commissary warns about tainted beef

The Fort Riley Commissary is warning customers who purchased 80-percent lean ground beef on Friday after 1 o’clock.

Anyone who purchased the beef from the Commissary marked with a pack date of April 25, 2014, and an expiration date of April 26, 2014, are asked to discard the beef or return it for a refund.

Employees discovered metal flecks inside the grinder while cleaning.

The health effects of metal flecks are limited to the physical injury caused by eating them. Small flecks are likely to pass through the body unnoticed, according to Col. Paul Benne, Chief, Fort Riley Department of Public Health. Larger flecks could possibly cause injury to teeth with chewing or to the rest of the gastrointestinal system. Symptoms could include upset stomach; mouth, throat or stomach pain; or blood in the stool. Anyone who has eaten the 80-percent lean ground beef and has any symptoms should seek medical attention.

No other fresh or frozen beef products are affected.

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