Community comes together to help man whose bike was stolen

Kansas First News first reported the story on Friday when 54-year-old Ken Mildfeldt found his three-wheeled bike in pieces after it was stolen Thursday night. Suffering financially and from three forms of arthritis he needed help.

“Really wasn’t expecting anything this soon or this nice,” says Ken. “I scratched my head how I can cut bills to even get a cheap one.  This right here really blows me away.”

Mildfeldt’s new ride is not a three-wheeler, but he says, it’s a blessing from God.

Jeff Scott is one of the few guardian angels who wanted no credit for what he did. On top of donating more than 400 dollars towards the bike he also called in some extra help. Chris Armstrong is the manager of Capp’s Bike Shop he and his team assembled a bike fit with all the essentials for Mildfeldt.

“I had a gentleman call me earlier this morning telling me what was going on,” says Armstrong. “That a gentleman basically had his only transportation stolen, he had locked it up and unfortunately the whole bike was stripped and left with him with just a frame essentially.”

Mildfeldt says, he can’t wait to get on the road.

“It’s a seven speed, and it’s very light weight so it should be very easy to get up and down the stairs.”

Armstrong says, it’s necessary from this recent experience.

“It’s pretty awesome that people are carrying out, you always hear so many stories about bad things happening and then something like this, where good comes out of a bad in terms of people chipping together and wanting to help people out. So that’s what it’s all about.”


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