Holocaust Remembrance

The holocaust happened more than 50 years ago but for those survivors, it’s something that haunts them everyday.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas joins us live in the news room to tell us more about how the state of Kansas is honoring those survivors.

Thanks Christina.

Starting from today through may 4th Governor Sam Brownback has declared it as Days of Remembrance in Kansas.

At today’s ceremony, there was a man who told his story about how he survived the holocaust.

“Very emotional for me because I lost a brother, I never seen uncles and aunts never seen grandfather or grandparent,” Wesly said.

Benoit Wesly was born in 1945.

The 68-year-old says only 3 family members, including himself survived the holocaust.

“My family was killed in gas chambers,” Wesly said.

As the key note speaker of the Holocaust Commemoration Wesly spoke to the audience about how he was never able to meet his older brother who was killed by the Nazis.

Jewish Rabbi Debbie Stiel couldn’t help but point out that hatred towards Jews still happen.

“Took out his gun in Kansas, in Overland Park and killed 3 people in an attempt to kill Jews,” Stiel said.

She’s talking about a hate crime that happened 2 weeks ago in Overland Park.

This kind of hatred is something the Jewish community knows all too well.

The holocaust was a mass murder of about 6 million Jews.

“One of the blackest pages in world history,” Wesly said.

Governor Brownback had originally planned to be at the ceremony to present a proclamation.

However, he could not make it since he was touring the tornado damage in Baxter Springs.

Thanks Vanessa.

World War II veterans and children of holocaust survivors were also honored at today’s ceremony.

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