Dog embarks on new life after days of abuse

40 days after enduring a horrific act of abuse, a tough little pooch named “Hope” is embarking on a new life.

Hope is more than the name given to the 1-year-old, mixed breed dog who was severely burned.

It’s what her rescuers depended on when doubters said she might not make it after her owner allegedly doused gasoline on her shed and set her on fire.

After more than a month of 24-hour care at Blue Pearl Veterinary Partners in Tampa, Florida Hope walked out the door Tuesday and into the arms of the woman who traveled three hours a day, every day, to visit her.

Leigh Sockalosky is president of Hardee Animal Rescue Team. She believed in Hope’s survival from the start, in part because of her spunky spirit. Sockalosky couldn’t hold back the tears Tuesday, thinking about the last month of watching Hope heal and recover.

“She’s given us new insight of this is why you do what you do, this is why you sacrifice so much,” Sockalosky said.

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