Mock Accident Demonstration

Last year 30 pedestrians were hit by cars in the capital city, four of them died according to the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us about today’s mock accident which trained teens to cross streets safely.

Don’t worry he’s not really dead.

This student is also not really being crushed by that car.

Actually, they’re participating in a mock accident meant to educate teens about pedestrian safety.

Topeka Police Officer Larry Gonzales says people should know that accidents happen not only because of distracted drivers but also because of pedestrians not paying attention.

“Round the schools officers are seeing some infractions if you will, of crosswalks not being properly used,” Gonzales said.

Back in November a Hayden High School student was hit by a car while using his phone at the intersection of 8th and Gage.

He was hospitalized but recovered.

Student Kameron Clark says today’s demonstration sends a very strong message.

“I’m glad everybody got to come out, I’m glad we’re all doing this, I think this will change a lot of peoples even thoughts about crossing the streets like this,” Clark said.

Large amounts of fake blood made the scene all too real.

Police and firefighters showed the group what they do when they arrive on an accident scene.

Clark says pedestrian safety is an ongoing conversation at the school.

“We’ve done a lot of PowerPoints on it to keep the streets safe and the kids safe around the school and just around our neighborhood,” Clark said.

So the next time you cross the  street make sure you look both ways and aren’t distracted.

There were a total of 26 car accidents in Topeka last year that resulted in pedestrian injuries.

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