Off-duty captain says he warned that the ferry had stability risks

ap south korea ferry 650x370

MOKPO, South Korea (AP) — Prosecutors in South Korea say a ferry captain told investigators that the owners of a sunken ferry had ignored his warning that the ship shouldn’t carry too much cargo because it wasn’t very stable.

The captain wasn’t on board the ship on the day of the sinking, because he was on vacation. Instead, the ferry was piloted by a substitute captain, who’s now been detained along with 14 other crew members.

A stability test report in January showed that the ferry became top-heavy and less stable after a modification more than a year ago that involved adding more cabins in some of the ship’s floors.

Divers have recovered 212 bodies from the wreckage. They again fought strong currents and floating debris inside the ship today as they searched for 90 passengers still missing.

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