Hunter brothers top city tennis, Rural wins team title

Blake Hunter of Hayden wins the No. 1 singles title at the city tennis tournament at Kossover Tennis Center.

H.S. city tennis meet 
-Kossover Tennis Center

No. 1 singles final: Blake Hunter (Hayden) def. Matt Murray (Washburn Rural) 8-1

No. 2 singles final: Tommy Hunter (Hayden) def. Tanner Driggers (Washburn Rural) 8-0

No. 1 doubles final: Reid Osborn, Nathan Osborn (Washburn Rural) def. Chris Gernon, David Gernon (Topeka High) 8-1

No. 2 doubles final: Kyle Beard, Brenden Garland (Washburn Rural) def. Ryder Chafee, Mike Latendresse (Seaman) 8-4

Team Results

1. Washburn Rural 28
2. Hayden 23
3. Seaman 20
4. Topeka High 19
5. Topeka West 14
6. Shawnee Heights 8
7. Highland Park 4

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