Toronto Mayor Rob Ford starts rehab, brother says he ‘will get over this little challenge’

Rob Ford

TORONTO (AP) — Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has begun treatment for substance abuse, two days after a second video emerged that appears to show the mayor puffing from a crack pipe.

Doug Ford tells The Associated Press he has been in touch with his brother, but he declined to say where the mayor is being treated or how long he would stay there. Doug Ford says his brother is “in a good place” and will “get over this little challenge and get back to business.”

Rob Ford announced Wednesday that he would take leave for an unspecified amount of time from both his mayoral post and his re-election campaign.

Ford was elected four years ago on a wave of support from Toronto’s conservative suburbs. While some die-hard loyalists are sticking by him, political observers say he has no chance of winning October’s election.

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