New check out system coming to Topeka Library

A fast new check out system is coming to the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.

As Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas tells us this upgrade will be good for book lovers.

“You know, technology is always fun,” Librarian Sherri Camp said.

Sherri Camp works at the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library.

She checks out her favorite books on a regular bases.

She’s says she’s excited for a new checkout system.

“Usually we have to take one book at a time and there be lines and people be waiting and some people get impatient and you know the little maze you have to go through, no more,” Camp said.

This new checkout will use radio frequency identification to assist you in checking out as many items from the library as you want instantly.

“I think the idea of not having to stand in line and do it yourself and you can go, people are going to love it,” Camp said.

The library has been closed to adapt to the new checkout system.

So far, the majority of their inventory has been tagged and shelved.

Library officials say they’re ahead of schedule at this point.

“I feel proud, I feed very proud and very excited, proud of what we’ve accomplished but because what’s really focused on library customers, it’s really for the community,” Chief Executive Officer Gina Millsap said.

With the new system,  the old security gates were outdated, so they’ve been upgraded to accommodate the change.

“So it’s all self service now, we’re all ways there to help you,” Millsap said.

Employees are being trained to use the new system, so they can help book lovers adjust to the change.

“I think once when you introduce something new like this there’s always a little bit of tension and but excitement,” Millsap said.

Library employees are ready to re-open their doors Tuesday May 6th.

Employees will continue training on the new kiosks through Monday.

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