Tiger Cubs Born at the Topeka Zoo


Jingga's First Cub side view

Three Sumatran Tiger cubs were born at the Topeka Zoo on Sunday. Their mother, Jingaa gave birth to the first cub around noon and the third made its way out a couple hours later.

“We are elated,” Zoo Director Brendan Wiley said.  “But we aren’t out of the woods yet. It is crucial that we observe the cubs nursing within the first 24 hours and we haven’t seen that yet.”

Jingaa and her cubs are in a den box. The zoo is observing the four through video from a camera inside the box.

For the next two weeks, access to the zoo’s tiger holding building will be extremely limited.

“We want Jingga to feel safe as she gets to know her cubs,” Wiley said.  “We don’t want to take any chances.”

The cubs are expected to make their debut in about 90 days. The zoo is hoping to release video of the newborn cubs soon.

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