‘Visit Topeka’ announces campaigns to focus on tourism

Visit Topeka Tourism Week

TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) – In honor of Tourism Week Visit Topeka announced two campaigns that focus on the “Capital City’s tourism and hospitality industry.

“Know your City” is a training session for industry professionals and “Visit Topeka Bingo” is a program for Topekans.

Organizers say tourism is an important part of local economies. They say when people visit the city, visitors usually ask hotel employees about the city’s hot spots.

Visit Topeka officials say there is a lot to do here.

“When we live in a city we tend to forget,” says Shalyn Murphy, marketing director for Visit Topeka. “We don’t go to museums on a regular bases, we might not look at the events calendar, so there’s always a lot that’s happening that people may not know about.”

“Just last Saturday there was 22 events local,” says Visit Topeka Hospitality Coordinator Stacie Torrez. “That’s not even including the night scene and bands and stuff that was just you know day things to do.”

The “Visit Topeka Bingo” program for residents runs through July 31st.


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