Pit Bull owners in Holton fighting pet ordinance

Pit Bull owners in the city of Holton are scrambling to find a way to keep their dogs.

The well-known breed of dog has been banned in the City of Holton since 1985.
Now, Holton City officials are tightening the enforcement of this city ordinance and giving dog owners 2 weeks to get rid of their Pit Bulls.
Garden City already has the ban, while El Dorado is reviewing the same ordinance.

Holton officials say, since the announcement many have expressed frustration with the ordinance.

“They’re breaking the law right now and that’s the best thing I can say at this point. If you don’t like it than try to get it changed and they have to come to City Hall to do that. I’m about listening to what the people want but at this point in time it looks like it’s just a handful of people who are complaining.” Said City Council Member, Dan Brenner.

The City Council has a meeting on May 19th which will allow people to voice their opinions and ideas about this issue.

4 thoughts on “Pit Bull owners in Holton fighting pet ordinance

  1. Topeka has repealed their pitbull ban. Holton should catch up with the times and do the same. There’s a group of us in Topeka that would like to help get this repealed in Holton. Please feel free to contact me.
    Michellej9@live.com or on Facebook “Kansas Dogs In Need”

  2. I have owned a few pit bulls and they are amazing dogs, loyal and gentle. It is not the dogs but the people who miss use these animals and abuse them. Why punish these dogs? Have they not been put through enough??? Please reconsider this ban it is cruel and prejudicial.

  3. Please reconsider this ban it is so wrong. These animals deserve better. They are so loyal and gentle. They have been used and abused and now your adding to their problems. How cruel.

  4. Pitbulls used to be “nanny” dogs. Owners would actually leave them to protect their children while they were out tending the fields. It’s all about how you treat the dog. If a dog is a problem, look back to the owner.

    Any dog can be dangerous. Being born a pitbull shouldn’t set a dog’s future. Before pitbulls, it was Dobermans and Rottweilers. Pitbulls are actually one of the highest scoring breeds when temperament tested.

    I strongly urge the city council members of Holton to do their research before making a decision on this issue.

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