Hail storms hit Northeast Kansas

Hail storms hit Northeast Kansas

As those storms rolled through the area Saturday night, the golf ball sized hail left substantial damage in Tecumseh and near Lake Shawnee, leaving destruction in its path.

“We were trying to have a good celebration for my graduation. Everything was good, then the hail came in,” said Jake Garretson.

Jake Garretson and his family were celebrating a college graduation when the storm.

“We knew there was a storm coming but didn’t know there was going to be so much hail involved. So we just covered for shelter and watched everything happen,” said Garretson.

The storm, dropped baseball sized hail, and produced winds over 70 miles per hour.
Garretson says his car was out in the driveway.

“Sad thing is I had to watch it the whole time, I couldn’t help her at all,” said Garretson.

Our viewers sent us photos of damage from the storms, at Lake Perry, trees were torn down from the wind. In Tecumseh, hail broke through a metal roof.

Garretson says he is worried about the threat for tomorrow.

“Well it definitely gives you something to think about. I don’t have a garage where I’m at but I’ll be looking to park under some trees maybe leave it in a bank stall on Sunday,” said Garretson.

More severe storms are expected Sunday. We will have the latest updates in live updates throughout the day Sunday.

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