2014 Mother’s Day

People typically get your mother flowers for Mother’s Day but as Kansas First News reporter Vanessa Martinas explains this year people are honoring their moms in a different way.

Flowers and cards usually fly off the shelves for Mother’s Day but as mother of two, Francis Katzer says things have changed.

“It is the second busiest week of the year after Valentine’s Day,”

She owns an edible arrangement business. This year she’s seen more clients than ever before.

“Not a lot of planning this year for Topeka but we did get a lot of late notice we’re still trying to accommodate everybody that still basically ordering,”

Connie Land is the floral manager at Hy-Vee.

“I mean there so many things that you can do for Mother’s Day,” Land said.

She says they were busy this Mother’s Day, but there’s just more options.

“With mom, the family comes over you cook out, you bar b q or you go to a restaurant,” Land said.

Katzer’s business was still getting orders at 3 p.m. on Sunday. She says because her products are unique, she sees more customers.

“It looks beautiful some people are like oh it’s too pretty I don’t want to touch it well you have to actually take it a part to eat it,”

Land says she just doesn’t see as much business for flowers on Mother’s Day.

“You don’t quite have that monopoly on the trade like you do for Valentine’s Day and some of the other holidays,” Land said.

Although your gift may be unique, your mom probably just cares that you remember her on this day.

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