Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins’ Office responds to CPA permit claims

The Office of Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins is responding to questions over Jenkins’ identifying as a CPA, even though her license is expired.

The Topeka Capital Journal reports that her state permit to work as a certified public accountant expired two years ago, but she continues to use the CPA label for congressional and campaign materials after getting permission from Kansas regulators.

Tom Brandt, the Communications Director for Representative Lynn Jenkins, says “Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins has never claimed to be actively practicing public accountancy since her election to Congress and given that the Congresswoman is, well, a Congresswoman, today’s report that she allowed her permit to practice to expire is hardly breaking news.”

Brandt when on to say, “However, given she continues to hold a valid CPA certificate, Kansas law does allow the Congresswoman to continue to call herself a CPA. This is a fact, confirmed In February 2011 by the Kansas Board of Accountancy, who is governing body of CPA’s in Kansas.”


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