High school senior takes Texan cheerleader to prom


Saturday was an exciting evening for a high school senior who landed a date with a Houston Texans cheerleader for his senior prom.

Mike Ramirez described himself as a “very lucky man” when he describe having Caitlyn from the Texans cheerleading squad as his prom date.

In February, Ramirez worked up the courage and used Twitter to ask Caitlyn out.

“I was in class and my friend Colton said I should message one of them and ask them to prom because that would be pretty cool.” Ramirez said. “And I did it and she replied.”

When Caitlyn replied she told Ramirez she would go only if he was able to get 10,000 retweets. She was surprised one day later when he had 10,000 retweets and the envy of every boy in his school.

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