Roofing Contractors Regulations

After baseball sized hail pelted parts of Northeast Kansas, it left some heavy damage to house roofs and cars. It now leaves home owners to fix it up.

“We were sitting out there on the front porch and it wasn’t hailing and then all of a sudden it just came down. Just came down pretty hard,” said Esther Little, who is getting her roof fixed.

Storms rushed through the area Saturday night, leaving destruction in its path.

“I have damage on the awning and the roof as well. plus I have an awning on the back and that got hit too,” said Little.

This year, there are new requirements to get the damage fixed.

“Oh I always want to do it local,” said Little.

The Kansas Roofing Contractor Registration Act was passed through the legislature last year. Roofers must obtain a register certificate from the attorney general before they can do business in the state.

“The attorney general just put out his approval requirements this year, well a lot of guys have been able to get on that list that will not be able to get on that list next year because of under-insurance purposes,” said Brent Boman, President of Faith Roofing Company.

The state law requires roofing contractors operating in Kansas to register with the Attorney General’s Office every year.
700 contractors signed up last year, but their registration expires on June 30th.

“There will be a lot of roofing companies pop up now with the recent storm damage, and the best thing that a home owner can do is ensure that a roofing company has been in business at least 2 to 3 years,” said Boman.

Roofing contractors say it is best to check if the company you are considering hiring is properly insured, and registered through the State of Kansas.

For a list of approved Attorney General roofing contractors, visit this website.

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