High demand for lofts in downtown Topeka

People are lining up to buy lofts and apartments in downtown Topeka.

“I spend my entire life driving from my office to my client’s office and back and that just gets so tiring.”Said Brenden Jensen from Topeka and now a new owner of a loft downtown.

A change was needed, so Jensen and his girlfriend bought an entire building in downtown Topeka.
Inside is a 2,000 square foot loft where he will soon call home.
“I thought this was the perfect time to do that.”said Jensen.

Why is it the perfect time? Because he wants a front row seat when things pick up in downtown Topeka.
President and CEO of Downtown Topeka Inc, Vince Frye says there is high demand for this lifestyle.

“Unfortunately for people wanting to move in right now all of our apartments and lofts that we’re aware of are full. We get calls almost daily from people wanting to move downtown in lofts.”Said Frye.

Frye says, there are thirty lofts in all downtown, all are taken so because of that, there is now a waiting list for the next available spot.
But don’t worry there are plans to build more.

“There’s close to 5 – 6 hundred people who live in the downtown area at this point in time. we’d love to see the number of people living downtown doubled..in the next two or three years.”Said Frye.

For Jensen, it’s a plus to be able to walk to work but the buy is seen as a much bigger investment.

” I think this is a start of a new Topeka. The next generation and it’s going to be fabulous you’re not going to recognize this place in ten years.”Said Jensen.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the Revitalize Downtown Topeka plan.

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