Kansas town considering plan to drill for oil under city park

Arkansas City, Kansas will soon be drilling for oil under city parks and the town’s public swimming pool.

“The company that wants to drill will be moving forward in August,” says Arkansas City commissioner Jay Warren. “This should be a really interesting drill.”

Warren has been in the oil and gas business about 25 years. He says there will be no drilling inside the actual city parks or next to the city pool.

Mayor Chad Giles has voiced opposition to the plan.  He says the drilling will be “horizontal” and there will be no wells on the surface of city parks, but the company that wants to drill does have surface rights.

Surface rights would mean the company could have the right to put a drill in at least one public park.

“Well, we are not going to create an eyesore,” says Warren. “They would have to go through the process of getting approval for a rig in an open area of the city. I won’t allow that to happen.”

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