Reunited through adoption


A Moorhead, North Dakota woman says her dreams are coming true of completing the family for which she has always longed.

Gloria Hutson is counting down the days to the end of the month, when adoption papers will be finalized and one 16-year-old boy will come to live with her.

But, as Valley News Team’s Hope Hanselman explains, this is one family a long-time in the making.

“Everything is set up,” Gloria says of the adoption process.

Family is what she’s spent her life working towards: the possibility to get back what as long ago taken.

“Thirteen years ago,” she explains, “Child Protective Services had taken me and my siblings out of my parents home.”

The CPS representative handling her paperwork asked the question she’d give anything just to answer.

Are you ready to take on this responsibility?

“Of course. He’s my brother,” she said.

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