Zoo says tigers cubs doing great

The City of Topeka sent out a release Tuesday that reports at the week and a half mark, the Topeka Zoo tiger cubs are doing great.

“We had some worries about the last born cub during the latter part of last week,” Zoo Director Brendan Wiley said.  “It wasn’t moving as much as the other two and weighed a little less.”  With Zoo staff ready to intervene and supplement the little cub with additional feedings, they were amazed at what first time mom Jingga did next.  “As we reviewed the video from the den box, we could see her moving that cub into a nursing position and within a couple of hours, the cub was back to nursing on its own.  What a mom,” Wiley said.

On Monday, one of the cubs had both of its eyes open.  “It will still take several weeks for its vision to fully develop,” Wiley said.  The cubs now weigh between 3.7 and 4.2 pounds.  They are gaining about 108 grams, almost a ¼ pound, per day.  “They are gaining weight and appear to be developing well but we still want to get past the two week mark,” Wiley said.

The tiger cubs are expected to make their public debut in late July or early August.  “It all depends on how they are doing,” Wiley said.  “We have to give them time to get their feet under them well enough that they can handle our exhibit safely.  We keep reminding ourselves that each day is one day closer.”

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