Educating our youth on Brown v. Board historic event

The 1954 Brown v. Board decision ended segregation in schools across the nation.

The joining of blacks and whites in the same schools paved the way for many other groups like women and native Americans. The exact anniversary for this historic decision is this Saturday, May 17th. But starting Thursday through Sunday there will be events celebrating the 1954 decision, even the First Lady, Michelle Obama is making her way to Topeka to remember the anniversary.

Superintendent David Smith, at the Brown v. Board National Historic Site says, everyone should take the time to recognize this landmark decision.

“Today we’re seeing in schools all across our country with the re-segregation and we do see school districts that are more black or more white or more latino and what folks fought for sixty years ago some of those battles need to be fought again. That’s why we don’t want to repeat history again.”Said Smith.

Smith says, he encourages people to visit the Brown v. Board National Historic site in Topeka.

All of the events coming up this weekend are open to the public.

Follow this account @brub_nhs for live tweeting on the Brown v. Board of Education court case:

Use this hash tag: #Brown1954


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