WAYS TO SAVE: Advice from a mother of three

mom of three ways to save

TOPEKA, Kan. – Shelby Waddell is a mother of three and she says she loves saving money. Kansas First News spoke with her to get some of her tips and tricks for saving money.

To save, Waddell collects coupons and waits patiently for sales.

When they eat out as a family, they try to choose restaurants that offer meal deals for kids. Click here to see the list of meal deals we found from the Topeka Parents Facebook group.

Waddell also keeps a present tub at her house to collect kids’ toys and games when they are on sale.

Check out the second video for her do-it-yourself detergent. She says each load only costs 4 cents.

The Recipe:

1 4 lb. box Borax

1 4 lb. box Baking Soda

1 4 lb. box Washing Soda

3 bars Fels-Naptha Soap

2 Cups of Oxi-Clean

Shred the Fels-Naptha and mix all ingredients together.

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