“Dream Come True” for Brown v Board Plaintiff

There was a very special guest at the First Lady’s speech Friday night.

Nicolette Schleisman spoke with one of the original plaintiffs in the Brown V Board of Education case. She was on the stage with Mrs. Obama Friday night.

We first spoke to Katherine Sawyer last week. As of last Tuesday, she had not been invited to Michelle Obama’s speech. She said she was not getting her hopes up to attend.
But Friday night, as she puts it, was something she would have never expected

“It was just something that maybe you would dream of, but didn’t happen, but this one came true,” said Sawyer.

Kathy Sawyer was 10-year-old Katherine Carper when she testified in the monumental Brown V Board of Education case in 1951. She never would have expected to be in the same room as the First Lady of the United States.

“It was like a dream come true. This housewife that that had 4 children and never dreamed, never,” said Sawyer.

Friday night, she not only got to share the stage with the First Lady, but she also got to meet her.

“I had no idea that I was going to get a one on one with her to start with, let alone a hug!” Exclaimed Sawyer.

It is all thanks to her son, he was on a mission for the world to know his mother’s story, and the importance of the Brown V Board of Education case.

“It was just very emotional to see some of the recognition that her and her mother should have been receiving for years. So I can’t describe how fantastic it was to really see the room, including the first lady stand up and give her a standing ovation,” said Brian Sawyer, Kathy’s son.

Katherine got to take a one-on-one picture with Michelle Obama backstage. She was told she will get the pictures from the White House. She wants to get them so her family will have them forever.

Katherine says for the actual anniversary Saturday, she will go to her husband’s church in the morning, and then just relax.

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