First Lady visits Brown v. Board National Historic Site

It was an educational experience for both the first lady and the students.
Michelle Obama got to see an up close and personal part of our nations history.

The Brown v. Board of education national historic site.
Obama took a tour of the once all black elementary school and met with a group of 10 Kansas High School students.
Her visit is just one day shy of the 60th Anniversary of the Brown v. Board court decision.
Students who got a chance to meet the first lady say it was an honor.

“I didn’t really thing that Topeka was that big of a deal then she pops up and at the Brown v. Board. It’s just mind-blowing.” Silver Lake High School student Armando Maldonado.

“She told me, you choose a career that you will probably make money out of but something that you love and work hard for what you want to do.” Said Topeka High student, Victor Ramirez.

“She could have chosen any state she chose Kansas the fly over state as we’re known to come here and talk to us because she wants to spread the word that kids need to get their education.”Said Silver Lake High School student, Jacob Johnson.

The afternoon meeting involved sophomores and juniors participating in a federally funded program helping at-risk kids prepare for higher education.

Mrs. Obama told them, “It’s just going to be essential for you guys to succeed.”

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