Holton City Commissioners hear discussions on pit bull ordinance

A few pit bull owners had a sigh of relief after a city commissioner’s meeting in Holton, Monday. We first told you two weeks ago, the city was planning on enforcing a nearly 20 year old ordinance that would ban the breed.

The City Commission meeting room was packed full of people who supported and were against a 29-year-old ordinance against pit bulls in the City of Holton. A group of seven women against the pit bull – discriminatory ordinance, stood in front of the commissioners Monday night. They handed them a petition 431 Holton residents had signed to get rid of, or change the ordinance that does not allow pit bulls in the city.

The city originally gave a deadline of this week for the owners to get rid of their dogs. Commissioners decided Monday to give a two week extention to allow pit bull owners who have vaccinated their dogs prior to May 8th to keep them in the city.

“The law says they are illegal in Holton, and they’re supposed to be picked up and got out of town,” said David Fiedler, a former commissioner who helped put the ordinance in place in 1985.

“Is it fair, since they haven’t enforced it in all this time, mm maybe not, but it doesn’t mean I’m safe either. I’m safe for two weeks,” said Danyel Monaghan, a pit bull owner.

There were five pit bull owners that showed up to the meeting. The extension only will apply to two of those five owners at the meeting Monday night, owners will have to bring in proof of vaccination to City Hall Tuesday.

They also decided Commissioners will re-visit the ordinance and make a decision at the next meeting in June.

At the meeting, City Commissioners said, “If you have a dog in this town that doesn’t have a tag tomorrow, it is getting picked up.”

Commissioners did admit that not enforcing the rule is the city’s fault.

1 thought on “Holton City Commissioners hear discussions on pit bull ordinance

  1. I sure home the city will pull their head out and remove the ban. Its a profiling law… I though we were all trying to get past that.

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