RCPD cracking down at Pillsbury Crossing

Alcohol violations are just the beginning for the Riley County Police Department.

Officers like Matthew Droge say, putting a halt to the boozing at Pillsbury Crossing will prevent something much more serious from happening in the future.

Those who frequently go and enjoy the beauty of the park like recent Kansas State graduate Annie Casteneda says, it’s the ideal summer spot.

“Ever since freshman year everyone has come out here during the summer. Like on Saturdays and Sundays and hang out. You can do things like cook out, hang out in the trunks of cars, it’s just fun.”said Castaneda.

Current students at KSU, Mac Dolliver says, it’s a place to get away from real life.

“Hanging out with your friends is always a good time. You can swim, you can enjoy the sun, throw some frisbee, play catch with the football or something, grill out. You know just live it up at Pillsbury.”Said Dolliver.

Families and students use this spot as a place to just get away and cool off from the Kansas heat.
Alcoholic beverages at a place like Pillsbury Crossing may not come as a surprise in a college town but there’s a reason that police are cracking down at the local hot spot.

Riley County Public Information Officer, Matthew Droge says, there will be more patrols for a reason.

“Normally it’s not an issue I mean it’s fairly routine to see alcohol violations out there. by state law you cant have alcohol in the park. But recently this year compared to the last two years we’re seeing crimes that we haven’t seen before. This year we had a report of a rape there, a report of a robbery or an attempted robbery and we’ve had a couple of accidents out there as well.”said Droge.

Some of those accidents were caused by drunk driving.
It didn’t take long for officers to find a minor drinking during a routine safety check on Tuesday afternoon.

Some students believe law enforcement should just leave them alone.
But officers like Droge say, their goal isn’t to ruin anyone’s good time.

“The police department doesn’t have any problem with you coming out here and enjoying the nice weather, we just ask you do it responsibly and legally.”said Droge.

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