Yearbook controversy

(KPNX) Students at Arizona’s Mesa High School are speaking out in defense of a controversial yearbook entry.

The two pages titled “I’m Working a Double Shift” are drawing a lot of attention, not only from parents who aren’t happy, but also from teen parents who say they appreciate the positive recognition.

Diana Ramos is the editor for those two pages in the yearbook. 

She says she felt inspired to create the pages to inspire any student that has struggles.

“For others, so that they could see to not give up easily, because if they can do it then others can,” she says.

Ramos had no idea pages 40 and 41 in this volume would get so much attention.

“It’s 2014 now we’re not back in the 1920s,” she adds.

Senior Yessenia Corral is one of the students featured on the teen parent pages. 

She had her 4-year-old daughter Janexis at the age of 13, and while it hasn’t always been easy, she’s proud to be in the yearbook with her.

“You live with the choices that are made, the things that happen and everything happens for a reason,” Corral says.

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