Zoo confirms all 3 tiger cubs female

The three tiger cubs are now 16-days-old and confirmed to be all females.  The cubs are under the watchful eye of both their mother Jingga and the Topeka Zoo staff.  The City of Topeka sent out a release Tuesday reporting that the zoo staff is a little more involved now.

Last Wednesday, Zoo staff noticed the cubs weren’t nursing as much as they had been, and their weights had dipped slightly.  A close evaluation of Jingga revealed that her mammary glands were irritated, making it hard for the cubs to nurse.

“We had to go in and supplement them,” Staff Veterinarian Dr. Shirley Llizo said.  “We are currently feeding the cubs three times a day.  We are hoping that once the inflammation goes down, Jingga will again be able to provide all the nourishment the cubs require.”

Jingga is healing well.  “We have been able to treat her mammary gland with antiseptic cream.  She is on antibiotics and pain medication,” Llizo said.

According to the Topeka Zoo, except during feeding times, the cubs are always with Jingga.  During supplemental feeding times, the cubs do not leave their enclosure.  The cubs are doing well and gaining weight steadily.  They are active, alert, and lively.

Jingga continues to impresses staff with how gentle she is around her cubs, and how cooperative she is with her caregivers.

As to how long these supplemental feedings continue, that is up to Jingga.  “We are hopeful that once the inflammation is gone, Jingga will be able to fully nurse them again,” Llizo said.  “Our job is to provide her with the support she needs until that happens.”

Cub Weight Chart Feeding the Cub Tiger Cub Toes

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