Denison residents demanding new mayor

People in the small town of Denison are demanding a recall election for the city’s mayor.

There was a special meeting Wednesday night and things got heated.Kansas First News Reporter Don Bolerjack spoke to residents who say scandal and mistrust is filling the mayors office and city hall.

Mayor Audrey Oliverius says, all she’s done is try to find a solution for problems.

“She will not take responsibility for anything she says or does whether it’s right or wrong,” Denison resident Carol Wilken said.

“She says that she’s for the community, she’s for herself she is not for the community  and the people of Denison will rise up against her,” Denison resident Bobbie Adair-Denham said.

Denison residents are working to remove mayor Audrey Oliverius from office.

Some say it’s because she has lied, been unfair or misused her power.

Oliverius says, previous mayors didn’t follow the city ordinance and that she’s just going by the book.

“It all initially started when we were looking at the budget, looking at our expenditures and revenue sources and we were spending more than we were receiving as far as revenues go,”Oliverius said.

The mayor says she looked at areas like personel costs and benefit plans.

“A couple of council members did go ahead and call all of the surrounding communities..towns our size…towns larger than us and none of them had full time employees or offered the benefits that we had,”Oliverius said.

The final straw for many residents was the hiring of a new council member in a closed meeting by the mayor and the council. Wednesday, the city attorney said that wasn’t legal, and locals were angered by what they saw as secrecy.

Residents recently circulated a petition to recall the mayor. The recall election is set for August.

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