Midwest states struggle to fill lifeguard jobs

Memorial Day can be considered the un-official start of summer and that means pool season is right around the corner but a shortage of lifeguards in the Midwest has some worried about swimming pool safety.

Many pools are opening Memorial Day weekend and the following week which has many pool managers spreading the word about hiring lifeguards. A few pools in Lawrence and Topeka have even increased the minimum wage for lifeguards as a way to get more people to apply. Even with the shortage, lifeguard positions at the Shawnee North Family Aquatic Center are full. Its Recreation Program Coordinator, David Allacher says, they’re ready for the rush.

“I think a lot of it is because we’re local. We have a local college we have a lot of high school kids that stay home during the summertime. Then they go to college at Washburn University so this is a perfect first time job for them. So I’ve been very fortunate in that as well.”said Allacher.

According to the U.S.A Today, many teens looking for jobs are from low or middle-income families. Making it difficult to pay for that extra training it takes to be a certified lifeguard.

Apply for Lifeguard in one of these cities:




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