Bedside Graduation

Steven Sugg of Glen Burnie, Maryland holds back tears as he talks about his wife Darlene, who recently died from colorectal cancer.

His wife’s wish was to see her daughter Megan graduate from high school, but with her declining health things didnt look good.

“I went to Megan and said ‘I don’t think mom’s going to be here in June.’ So she talked to her counselor and I emailed her and said we have to do this sooner rather than later because I don’t think we have much time.”

Anne Arundel County school officials quickly jumped into action and held a private graduation ceremony in the Sugg’s living room. Megan, dressed in her cap and gown, stood at her moms bedside.

“My principal, her mom is going through the same thing, so she knows how it feels. Just knowing that they’re behind me and supporting me and everybody else supporting me, it’s awesome,” Megan says.

Two days later Darlene died.

Megan says she’s happy her wish came true and she’ll always remember what her mother taught her.

“Never give up. I’m going to pursue my dreams and never give up on that,” she says.

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