Falcons banded atop Westar building


TOPEKA, Kan. (KSNT) Topeka’s newest peregrine falcons were banded Friday morning in their nest high atop the Westar Energy Building in downtown Topeka.

It happened under the watchful eyes of the chicks’ mother flying above the roost to the three birds. For the fourth year, the falcon parents have laid eggs atop building.

For now the peregrine falcons call the office building, home. The chicks, two male and one female have yet to be named.

Once considered an endangered species peregrine falcon numbers continue to increase.

“Very good parents,” says Westar Energy’s Brad Loveless. “Nemaha and and Boreas have proven to be good at laying eggs, raising chicks, and taking care of them until they fledge successfully. So we’re really proud to be partnering with the peregrines.”

Westar Energy is asking for suggestions to name the chicks on their Facebook page.

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