Local arts bringing big money to Topeka


It turns out local arts are bringing in 20 million dollars to Topeka.

Arts Connect released the results of a study Thursday afternoon at its meeting in Southeast Topeka.

The report provides estimates and analysis of the economic impact generated from non-profit arts and culture industries.

It shows that the two factors provide 480 jobs and generates $827,000 in tax revenues.

The study revealed that local arts generate 20.2 million dollars in economic activity in the city. It also says that the arts community generates a little more than 2-point-1 million dollars for the state a year.

“As we look toward the future we see a Topeka with a new downtown,” said Arts Connect Executive Director, Sarah Fizell. “Bright new public art popping up all over and a community that is ready to move forward into the future and have it be one that is vibrant and prosperous.”

The data for the study was analyzed by Americans for the Arts, a non-profit organization for advancing arts and arts education.

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