Safety Assist program returns to the Kansas Turnpike

Starting Memorial Day proceeding through Labor Day, the Kansas Turnpike Authority, partnered with State Farm, will be providing assistance to assist travelers with roadside emergencies.

The program will have three vehicles out and about in two sections of the Turnpike. Two cars will be driving between Topeka and Kansas City and one car will be going from Wichita to the Oklahoma border. The State Farm Safety Assist runs Monday through Friday 6-10 am and 3-7 pm and on Sunday from 3-7 pm.

These vehicles are equipped with various equipment and tools prepared to help in any way they can. Assisting in tire changes, directing traffic, minor mechanical solutions, and transportation to safety are only a few of the services provided. All services offered are free thanks to the partnership of State Farm and the Kansas Turnpike.

“The overall goal of the program is to help the Kansas Turnpike Authority and the Kansas Highway Patrol lower incidents that put motorists in harm’s way while traveling,” said Captain Joe Bott, commander of KHP Troop G assigned to the Turnpike.  “By taking care of vehicle related issues, it frees up KHP troopers to focus more on law enforcement activities.”

The State Farm Safety Assist Program is not intended to replace or interfere with services provided by private businesses. Technicians will provide only immediate services needed to ensure the safety of Kansas Turnpike Authority customers and the safe movement of traffic.

If motorists find themselves in a jam, call KTA dispatch center at *KTA (*582).

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